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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Vegan in Asheville Part II

A few days ago I posted about some of the vegan (or veg-friendly) restaurants that I ate at while in Asheville for three weeks.

The original post was quite long-winded so I decided to break the post up into two.
Here is an overview of the remaining restaurants I was able to sample during my stay.

Firestorm Cafe is an adorable little book store and coffee shop- that's fully vegan!
And did I mention it's a co-op?

I'd been once before and knew I must go again.

There's tons of interesting books- ranging from agriculture to music to cooking and more.
So I stopped by one day when I had an extra long lunch break.
Grasshopper ice cream and a chai latte made for a perfect post-lunch treat.

And it only set me back about $6- not bad for a coffee joint.

About halfway through my training, my mom and grandma came up for a visit.
I took them to Rosetta's Kitchen for lunch.

I'd heard so many people (both meat-eaters and herbivores) rave about this place so I knew it had to be good.

Although I was tempted by their famous peanut butter baked tofu, I settled for The Mountain.

Brown rice, sauteed kale, and fried local tempeh topped with Korean tahini BBQ sauce.
Are you sensing a theme here? Tahini was a part of many of my meals in Asheville.
Can you blame me? It's so addictive.

I also got sides of house-made kim chee and sauerkraut (unpictured).
These two items are current favorites of mine as well.

My mom and my grandma both got the House Veggie Burger, which they thought was a little boring.
I didn't try it so I have no opinion myself.

The next day we all decided to visit the French Broad Chocolate Lounge.
My mom and I had tried to go before, but the line was down the street.

Luckily it was less crowded (but still pretty packed) our second time around.

After a good bit of waiting, we finally placed our orders and grabbed a seat.
The ambiance was nice and cozy. A live band played jazz tunes while servers whizzed back and forth delivering food and drinks.

I got a chai latte anddd... 
a slice of vegan olive oil chocolate cake with agave icing.

Oh. My. God.

I was speechless. I would have licked the plate clean if I wasn't in public. It was that good.

What was equally amazing was my mom's drinking chocolate. It was a cup of pure melted dark chocolate (cut with a little coconut cream). 
It came in a very small cup which was suitable considering how rich it was.

I don't indulge in vegan desserts all too often, but the chocolate lounge was definitely worth the indulgence.

On my family's final day in town, we went to Dobra Tea for an afternoon snack. It's the kind of place where you take off your shoes and sit on little round floor cushions, which I'm all for.

Unfortunately the rest of my family was not so into it. I think sanitary reasons had them questioning whether to go shoeless... But I managed to convince them anyway.

We ordered and then nestled into a little corner spot in the back.

Soon after, we received our drinks.
They were (from left to right): The Bee's Knees (coconut water, lavender, rose water, mint, and local honey), Staroborshov (Oolong tea shaken with fruit sugar), and a matcha soy bubble tea.

The one in the middle was mine. It looks suspiciously like beer but tastes like plain old iced tea. I tasted The Bees Knee's and liked that much better.

You can never have tea without a sweet to go with it, so we got some to share.
The left is a buckwheat fig tart (not vegan so I didn't try it) and the right are two raw chocolate-basil truffles. So freaking good.

That pretty much sums up my dining out experiences in Asheville.
I never leave that place unimpressed- I can see why it is a growing tourist destination for travelers from all over the globe.

I mainly went for the comfort food while I was there, but I guarantee you can find something to fit any desire- from southern style vegan brunch to fresh raw cuisine to any sort of sweet you can imagine.

If you like vegan food (or any food, for that matter) than you need to pay Asheville a visit.

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