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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Citrus-Hemp Noodles

Did you know that pomegranates are a sign of abundance and fertility? That their round shape and ruby red color are considered good luck in many parts of the world?

Did you know that long noodles are also good luck? In several Asian countries, noodles are eaten to bring in the new year on a high note. It is custom to avoid breaking the noodles before they are eaten, as this is very bad luck. (Don't ask me why).

So for this month’s Recipe Redux challenge, I decided to combine the two. What could be luckier than that?

I  started with a base of raw, kelp noodles. These noodles are pretty tough, so you don't have to worry about them breaking on you. 

I topped them with a creamy citrus-hemp dressing and lastly, a sprinkle of beautiful pomegranate arils.
A gorgeous and delicious way to bring in 2014!

This may just have to be a new tradition in my household. What good luck rituals do you plan on practicing for the coming year?

  • 1 package kelp noodles
  • 3 tbs. hemp seeds
  • 1 small mandarin orange, segmented
  • 1/4 cup carrot juice
  • 1 tsp. brown rice miso
  • 2 tsp. tarragon
  • 1/4 cup pomegranate seeds

  • Rinse kelp noodles and place in bowl 
  • Combine hemp seeds, orange segments, carrot juice miso and tarragon in blender or food processor
  • Blend until smooth and pour over noodles
  • Toss everything well and place in the fridge for an hour or so to marinate (this is optional but recommended)
  • Remove from fridge and stir once more
  • Top with pomegranate seeds and serve


  1. What a cool recipe! I love kelp noodles and they are great in spaghetti dishes, but I have never had them this way! I will have to try them!:)

    1. Thanks, Heather. I love them a lot as well; I hope you enjoy!

  2. I've never tried kelp noodles but this looks like a good dish to try them out!

    1. They're not really the same texture as pasta, but I've found them to be addictive nonetheless!