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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Cookie Butter

Seeing as I made Belgian spice cookies a few weeks ago, it's only fitting that I make cookie butter as well. This nut-free spread has become such a phenomenon that it would be sacrilege not to make it.  

Hell, Trader Joe's has even put a limit on how much of the stuff you can buy! Seriously though, does it contain traces of crack, or what?

The great thing about this recipe is that one serving is twice as much as store-bought cookie butter, while containing fewer calories and far less fat and sugar.

I try to keep added oils to a minimum in my diet so I consider this a treat. (Especially because if I didn't, I would down the whole jar in one sitting.)

However, my cookie butter is pretty tame compared to traditional recipes. 

So go ahead and indulge, if you wish. Yield to the magical, sugary-sweet goodness that is cookie butter. And check out this article if you need some inspiration for how to dish it up.

  • Pulse cookies in food processor to create a crumbly "meal"
  • Add coconut oil and coconut sugar and blend until smooth (you can add more coconut oil or some non-dairy milk for a thinner consistency)
*One recipe yields about 12 servings

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