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Saturday, January 11, 2014

My Favorite Holistic Sites

I would consider myself "slightly crunchy" when it comes to my lifestyle preferences.
I like living a comfortable life, but I also strive to compose my world of all things ethical, environmental and natural. I don't want to put chemicals on or in my body. I don't want to cause unnecessary suffering through any of my actions. I want to be as "well" as possible- on the inside and out.

Because these are my goals, I end up doing a lot of self-induced research on how to move my life in that direction. Like, a lot of research. To the point where I could easily isolate myself if I wasn't careful.

There is just so much information out there and I get sucked into learning as much as possible.
Luckily, my desire to actually apply what I learn keeps me from spending all my free time behind a computer screen.

The following sites are my go-to's whenever I need some information, inspiration, or just mindless reading. There's always something new and interesting to find.

Need to know the best vegan shoe brands? How about a few recipes for homemade face masks? Some ideas for meditation techniques, perhaps? These awesome websites have got you covered!

1. Peaceful Dumpling
I'm biased, of course, because I am a contributor for the site (: But I love it nonetheless. 
The Peaceful Dumpling is a vegan resource site, but it does not rub veganism in your face. It is great for plant-based connoisseurs as well as those merely flirting with health and/or wellness. The articles are down-to-earth and fun, which makes them really engaging. 

2. MindBodyGreen
This wellness site focuses mainly on how to boost your life both physically and mentally.
Having grappled with an eating disorder, I find much benefit from reading articles within both categories. The self-esteem/body-image posts are especially helpful. This site has plenty of them- and I can relate to nearly all in some way or another. It also is great if you're looking to deepen you're spiritual life or even just increase general happiness.

3. Mother Nature Network
If you're looking for environmental news, this is the place to go. Maybe you're a science buff or maybe you're more into the arts. Either way, this site has something to you. There are so many articles pertaining to all aspects of life- all revolving around eco-consciousness, of course.
Since the articles are mainly factual and informative, I even use them for school-work from time to time.

4. Care2
Care2 is a website all about how you can better the world around you. In addition to health living articles, it contains resources to get involved in activism within your community. It's a great site if you are passionate about human or animal well-fare. With a variety of topics, it can assist you in educating yourself on just about any cause.

5. One Green Planet
One Green Planet is another vegan resource site. It has an abundance of great recipes and lots of info for how you can support animal rights (as well as news, articles, etc.) But my favorite part is the DIY Beauty section. As a person who only uses beauty products I could hypothetically eat (seriously), I really appreciate the information.

6. G Living
This website refers to itself as "the cooler darker side of green". And that is oh-so-true. It is eco with an edge. The content is original and includes lots of information on how to bring some green into your closet, home or kitchen. The recipes are my favorite part of the site. They are pulled from all over the web and are always unique. The perfect way for me to find some inspiration when I'm stuck in a rut.

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