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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Vegan in Scandinavia Part II

The second half of the trip started in the beautiful Stockholm, Sweden.

On our first night there, the whole extended family plus myself (7 total) made our way to "Old Town" to grab some dinner and check out the scene.
We landed upon Jerusalem Kebab Cafe, a tiny Mediterranean place that everyone could agree upon.

I usually try to stick to local cuisine while traveling, but at that point the group was tired, hungry, and eager for whatever we could find. Besides, the restaurant had plenty of vegan options- which were sparse in that part of town. 
I enjoyed a full plate of falafel, rice, baba ghanoush, hummus, harissa. dolmas, salad, and (my favorite) pickled veggies.
Eko lager and gluten-free, vegan chocolate chip cookies fueled my travels the next day.

And for my morning meals? Espresso House to the rescue. 
Granola bar, smoothie, and soy tea latte- all for me!
If you like Starby's, you'll love this Euro equivalent. It wasn't exactly quaint, but it did the trick. 

From Stockholm, we boarded our second cruise ship. 

Helsinki, Finland
Of course, I stopped for some mirror selfies.
Helsinki was one of my favorite destinations. It was so full of culture and energy.
One of the coolest parts about it was this outdoor flea market full of vintage clothes, jewelry, and home goods, among other things. 

Plus an indoor area abundant with fresh fruits and veggies!
After that, I convinced my family to treck across the city to Kippo, a place I had found on Happy Cow.
It was cute, but take note: it was not the little cafe that I was expecting. Rather, it was a "healthy fast food" sort of joint on the second floor of a shopping mall.
There I got vegan soft serve and a raw cookie, which hit the spot.
And I got to check out the mall which was really interesting as well. It gave me a feel for everyday Finnish life, which the tourist hotspots don't really offer.

St. Petersburg, Russia
Selfie time yet again.
Lunch at Stolle couldn't have been more perfect. Carrot/apple/celery juice, pickled beet and apple salad, and a side of steamed potatoes (unpictured).

Tallin, Estonia
Highlight of the entire trip: Vegan Restoran V! High-raw and so delicious.
The decor alone was enough to make me swoon. And the food? Even better?
I dined on a snack platter (fava bean and mushroom pate, fried tofu, cucumber cups with cashew cream, grilled zucchini with cashew cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, olives)...
followed by beetroot ravioli with cashew cheese (amazing!)
Dessert was cashew creme with sea buckthorn marmalade. Yum!

For those of you that are unaware, sea buckthorn is all over the place in Scandinavia.
It's hard to find in the states except in powdered form, but it's a product I recommend for any curious foodie.

Riga, Latvia
No veg food here, but I did hit up a local health food store- Bioteka.
I treated myself to chocolate-covered marzipan, white chocolate with rice crisps, and cruelty-free, natural eyeliner.

Finally, I was off the ship and back where I started.

Stockholm, Sweden (again)

We some free time here before we flew home. Enough time, in fact, to visit a vegetarian restaurant (Hermitage) that I had eyed our first time in the city.
It was a lunch buffet, so I stocked up! Waste not, want not.
Quinoa falafel and ratatouille fill the bowl on the left. On the right is a hodge-podge of salad, hummus, potato salad, beans, beets, marinated tomato/cucumber, and probably more that I'm forgetting/can't see.
And last but not least, here's a photo of a friend I met during my stay.
He was a little stiff, but I've gotta say, he has perfect skin!


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  1. I don't recommend going to Norway! Not a vegan/organic friendly country yet. They do have some, but silly overpriced hipster places :S

    1. I actually did go to Norway the week before this trip- you're right, it wasn't anywhere near as vegan-friendly. But it was very beautiful!

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