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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Vegan Birthday Weekend: New York Edition

I just want to start by pointing out that as of September 10, I'm 20 years old. Woohoo!

I'm no longer an angsty teen, you guys. Well maybe still angsty, but no longer teen.
And I went to the good ol' big apple to celebrate. Yeah I called it the big apple... Don't judge.
I said 'ol too. What about it?

I find that it is easier to do "What I Ate" travel logs in a photo-journal style. 
So I'm opting for mostly pictures in lieu of flowery language about my adventures.

Yeah I'm way late in rehashing my birthday happenings, but whatever.
If you're anything like me, you're probably just skipping over this text to get to the pictures anyway.
(Whoops, did I just admit that?)

Anyway, here goes.

After a long day of flying and layovering (laying over?), I landed in the fine state of New Jersey- Rutherford to be specific.

Day 1
I was greeted by my loving grandparents and some damn delicious vegan cupcakes. 

Day 2
 A day trip to Hoboken is incomplete without a pitstop in a hipster coffee shop.
A chai almond milk latte and XGFX PB&J bar (!) at Bwé Kafe

Day 3
 A class at Jivamukti Yoga followed by Jivamuktea Cafe
A mad hatter tea party platter consisting of...
Jivamuktea Chai with almond milk
Avo Bravo on GF bread
 Vegetable Panino on GF bread
 Veggie crudites + hummus
and XGFX oatmeal raisin cookie/chocolate chip brownie chunks.

Day 4
Seacaucus VeggieFest with live music...
and a delicious platter of spiced chickpeas, rice/lentil mixture, indian salsa and pori.

Day 5
My first (and definitely not last) trip to Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary.
I would live here if I could.
Meet Dylan.
Connecting with animals on a personal level reminds me why I am so devoted to veganism.
They all have such distinct personalities.
After the farm was lunch at Garden Cafe in Downtown Woodstock.
We started with a corn & cheddar tart...
and a simple mixed green salad.
For entrees, we split a roasted sweet potato sandwich on GF bread with a red bean side salad...
and a classic but delicious macro bowl.

Dessert (unpictured) was some vegan froyo at a place called Little Apple.
It's pretty pricey but super cute with good options.
You can find raw goodies (like chia cups and kale chips, fresh-pressed juice, smoothies, acaí bowls, and more.

Well, that basically wraps up my birthday trip (or what I ate, at least). I highly, highly recommend venturing to Woodstock, NY if you ever get a chance. 
If you're looking for good vibes, cool people, delicious food and interesting culture, it's the place to hit up.



  1. Oh my god!! Happy belated 20th birthday, Quincy!! It looks like you had such a wonderful trip. and ate extremely well, too! I'm sorry we didn't get to meet! (I probably would have been in Paris during that time anyway...)

    1. Thanks so much, Juhea! I would totally love to meet up the next time I'm up there. (: