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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Midweek Mashup: New Year's Edition

Hello all, and happy New Year's Eve!

Whether you plan to spend your night getting turnt at da clubs or staying in to watch the ball drop with your cat (*cough cough*-my plans), I've got a great grouping of party precursors for you.

Also, I like alliteration.

But I digress. Here is a mashup of things I've been reading, pondering, and salivating over lately that you might enjoy as well. I hope that it gets your new year off to a great start by inspiring you in some shape or form or simply occupying your interest for a bit.

First on the list is this Zevia sparkling cider I found at Whole Foods yesterday.
Sugar-free, natural, zero-cal, bubbly goodness. And on special, 2 for $5!
I don't even see this product on the website yet, so it must be brand new.
If you don't drink or are watching your caloric beverage intake, this is the stuff for you. 
Also- check out this helpful post from one of my faves, Caroline Dooner.
And if you do drink, spike that shit for a healthified cocktail. It comes in pear and apple. Yum!

If you are drinking tonight, you'll definitely want to get some food in your system before the festivities begin. This Smoky Vegan Hoppin' John from Connoisseurus Veg is the perfect nourishment for a night out (or in).
It will surely bring you a bountiful year- if for no other reason than that the dish's primary ingredients are pretty low cost. Grains and beans are some of the cheapest vegan ingredients you can buy, which means more $ in your pocket in 2015.

And speaking of 2015, tis a sign that a new season of Broad City is coming our way. (On January 14, to be exact.) If you're unfamiliar, this Comedy Central show is the brainchild of the lovely ladies you see below- Ilana Glazer (L) and Abbi Jacobson (R).
Image via NYU Local
Aside from great, mind-stimulating (or mind-numbing, depending on how you look at it) television...
the new year always brings lots of body pressure.

On a serious note, I urge you to avoid certain "health" magazines, fitspo accounts, and similar misguided sources that try to tell you how to shape up for the new year. Even for those of you "normal people" out there, these sorts of messages can trigger restriction and other unhealthy behaviors- especially at this time of year.

On a slightly less serious note, I love this post from Snack Therapy that addresses such issues.

Aside from simply avoiding guilt-inducing weight loss tips, try instilling some self-care techniques into your 2015 routine. I'm not talking mani/pedis and lattes (although that's great too).

What I mean is an all-around, 365º, mind-body-and-soul-nourishing upheaval.

It can start simply, with the bite-sized monthly check-in seen above (courtesy of This is Life Blood).
I also recommend the Get Unstuck Workbook from the same site.

My somewhat vague goal for the new year is to think less and feel more. I think (hope) that these freebie downloads will help myself (and you?) accomplish that goal.

And on an unrelated note, I leave you with one final reading suggestion that provided me with quite a few laughs: The Conundrum of College Clothing Conformity

(More alliterations- yay!)

I don't think the post is really meant to be funny, but I found it humorous because I knew exactly what trends the writer was referring to. I have seen and worn several of them myself.
I feel as though my style is mostly my own, but I take this post as further motivation towards developing my own taste. 
One thing I know is that I like stretchy pants, button-down tops, and flat shoes that allow me to walk to class quickly.
Trends become, well, trendy for a reason, but that doesn't mean you can't take a style you like and make it your own. Take risks this new year and avoid following the crowd.

And above all else, enjoy your transition into 2015.
I hope you all are safe, present, and filled with joy this evening.
See ya next year!


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