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Sunday, March 8, 2015

What I Ate (Vegan) in Costa Rica

As some of you know, I spent a few weeks of winter break in the beautiful Costa Rica.
In many pictures and not-as-many words, here are some of the delightful meals and snacks I got to enjoy while I was there. 
In an attempt to be frugal, I did not eat out much while there. However, sometimes I just can't pass up a chance to try veg-friendly cuisine abroad. Here are the spots I did dine, in case you are curious:

Vishnu in San Jose
Salad topped with soy cakes
Cafe Organico in Montezuma
Vegan gelato- avocado (on top) and chocolate mint (underneath)
El Sano Banano in Montezuma
**unpictured- Pesto Veggie Pizza on GF Yucca Crust**

Honestly, another reason why I was hesitant to dine out very much was because I was paying for meals at the ranch that were 100 times better AND fresher.
Green juice + oats with homemade jam and PB
Oats + fruit, GF pancakes + papaya/chia/black bean pudding
Veggie patties, patacones, papaya noodle salad, mango sauce
Fresh-brewed water kefir (infused with passionfruit)
Hand-rolled spring rolls, hummus-filled collard wraps, brown rice & miso soup (to the right)
Top: rice/greens/flax cracker salad, bottom: lentil falafel
Curry fried rice, black beans, platanos, all over katuk salad 
L-R: GF empanada, cuadrado ball, potato mash, falafel, balsamic kiwi chutney, rice tabbouleh salad, black bean dip, guac, hummus, olive tapenade, toasted corn tortilla
A sampling of this:
The wonderful goodbye spread for my travel partner and I. 
It was a sad sight to leave.

But I am already thinking about a return trip!
Have you been to Costa Rica? Do you have any favorite food memories to share?

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